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Amount of carbon
offset 1
300 tonnes


Carbon emission reduction 2


Green equipment investment 3


Paper waste reduction 4

We have been investing in a cleaner, greener future for many years now, and we will continue to invest in things that make meaningful change. When it comes to making positive change, what you do matters, not what you say.

At AFI, we are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. From encouraging team members to switch off lights, to powering our buildings from fully renewable sources, and now our EcoVadis silver award for sustainability, our internal initiatives show that our commitment to the environment is simply who we are.

You can view our full Corporate Social Responsibility Report here.

1 Emissions are calculated quarterly and refers to the amount of carbon offset through our partnership with Ecologi.

2 12 months to September 2023, AFI's market-based scope 1 & 2 carbon footprint has reduced by 30% compared to the three years before the pandemic.

3 Amount invested in hybrid and Electric machines since 2020.

4 Since 2018.

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