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AFI is adding e-Tech Hybrid van mounted cherry pickers with electric boom to fleet

Now available from AFI Rentals – the 13.5m Hybrid 12v e-Tech Van Mounted Cherry Picker with an electric boom that charges whilst the engine is on.

Hybrid Van Mounted Cherry Picker

The hybrid technology applies to the popular VM13.5 standard van mount, but the boom is driven by an electric motor! Installed with lithium-ion batteries, the 12v e-Tech system delivers strong performance with 20 lifting cycles and has excellent outreach. Low emissions, great for the environment and quiet to operate, Operators can monitor the battery status while working at height using an App on their phone. 

The Hybrid Technology can also be retrofitted into a standard VM13.5 van mount. 

Our rapidly growing fleet of Self-Drive van mounts are proving very popular for long-term hire for teams working on infrastructure works like highway maintenance, street lighting and signage. Customers love the convenience of self-drive vans. They simply load it up with tools, materials and equipment and go from location to location depending on the job of the day. Van-mounted MEWPs are secure and simple to maintain over the course of a hire and can be parked up as a car would because, unlike some truck-mounted MEWPs, you can drive these on a standard driving license. Perfect for extra peace of mind on unsecured work sites and street-side work.

These van-mounted cherry pickers are ideal for getting to street-side lamp posts or housing fascia, and their in-built storage makes them the perfect companion for whatever you need them to do.

The e-Tech is quiet to operate; PTO is off, and the engine is off while lifting, so it reduces noise pollution and emissions. It is ideal for night-time work and noise-sensitive environments as the vehicle engine does not have to run while the boom operates. 

The battery capacity is high for continued use between charges. It offers 20 cycles (ups) on a full charge, and then the battery will recharge whilst the Operator drives between job sites. If the charge is depleted, the boom lift can continue to be used as normal with the engine running.

All AFI van mounts are fitted with Chapter 8 rear chevrons to comply with the Department of Transport (DfT) best practice recommendations.

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