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What is a Spider Lift?

A track mounted platform is a mobile elevating work platform which is not mounted on to a vehicle, it is it's own unit.

This type of mounted platform, runs on crawler tracks, which are capable of handling much more challenging terrains that traditional wheels on a truck mount.

These are also referred to as mounted platforms, track mounts, spider lifts, tracked booms and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP).

  • Articulated track mounted platform
  • Telescopic track mounted platform
  • Electric and Diesel track mounted platform

  • The main benefit of track mounts is that they allow you access to hard to reach areas , where traditional booms may be unable to go
  • They are perfect for narrow access jobs as the machines are compact. They can also fit through standard doorways.
  • The machines are lightweight and have a small storage footprint
  • Ground bearing pressure is reduced by the tracks, so they can be used on soft or fragile flooring
  • They are compact and agile and can easily be driven to site and moved in to position for work to begin
  • They tend to have a higher safe working load (SWL) then other MEWPS which means extra capacity for things like tools or cameras and lighting rigs in the media industry

  • Track mounts are versatile multipurpose and multiuse machines, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • The diesel option can be used outdoors
  • The battery or mains options are suitable for use indoors, are there are zero emissions and the non-marking tracks means that they won't leave marks on the floor
  • Track mounts are particularly good for when you require to gain access to areas of height via challenging or rough terrain. Unlike wheels, the caterpillar tracks spread the weight of the machine and can be driven over fragile or uneven flooring with ease
  • Track mounts can be transported from site to site by using a trailer
  • They are also perfect for use when there is narrow access as the machines are very compact, for example in shopping centres or offices

A track mount is a MEWP fixed to a vehicle that comes with a set of caterpillar tracks, whereas with a truck mount, the MEWP is sat on a vehicle or truck with wheels.

In order to operate a track mounted platform, you will need to have category 1b IPAF training. We can provide training in just the area you require, or we can provide IPAF training for 2 subjects, which will qualify you to operate machines that fall into the 1a, 1b, 3a and 3b categories, such as a scissor lift or a mobile boom.

If you have previously been IPAF trained, we also provide refresher IPAF training.

AFI deliver industry leading training and are recognised as one of the leading IPAF training providers in the UK. We offer training through our AFI Training brand.

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