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Make your construction space safer with AFI Rentals scissor lifts. Our extensive range of scissor lifts provides you with flexible access up to 33.7m. Be it electric, diesel, hybrid, or bi-fuel, we have got you covered.

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What is a Scissor Lift?

Scissor lifts are an integral piece of equipment in all the manufacturing and construction industries. These mobile elevating work platforms help workers reach the elevated places, making their work easier and safer.

Scissor lifts are also known as aerial platform lifts and their designs consist of a platform that can be escalated and brought down looking like an intersecting mechanism resembling a pair of scissors. This design of a scissor lift provides a sturdy base for these access platforms offering a safe environment for workers the confidence to perform with confidence.

Furthermore, the scissor lifts have various configurations and heights ranging from 4m to 33.7m. You can always choose your ideal fit. Scissor lift is far better than the ladder or scaffolding as it provides a more stable and larger platform with plenty of space for working and tools.

The electric scissor lifts are more famous for indoor usage with zero emissions, whereas the diesel-powered ones are more preferred outdoors for their power and range.

Scissor Lift

Safety and Regulations

All AFI-Rentals technicians working with these scissor lifts are IPAF certified. Additionally, all technicians have the appropriate equipment and knowledge of these scissor lifts for a safe workplace through a structured engineer training programme.

Benefits of Hiring Scissor Lifts:

EASY TO USE - The scissor lifts are comparatively easy to use but you should ensure you have IPAF training . Moreover, scissor lifts are very user-friendly and cost-efficient increasing productivity.

VERSATILE ACCESS - Be it indoor or outdoor, scissor lifts have your back. In addition, they provide a large working area making them suitable for various tasks.

STABILITY - The large platform provides more stability and sturdiness. Further, the platform is enough to keep tools and equipment making it easier and safer to use.

MULTIPLE POWER OPTIONS - There are multiple power options.

HIGH PRODUCTIVITY - In comparison to ladders, scissor lifts are more efficient as they provide quick and safe access to escalated areas increasing productivity in the workspace.

Selecting a Scissor lift that suits you - HOW?

There are a wide range of scissor lifts available in the market. The scissor lifts can be characterised into different categories. You can find your ideal aerial platform lifts by ticking these important marks.

  • Determine the required height and safe working load required
  • Assessment of the work environment, i.e., indoors or outdoors
  • Choosing your favourable lift type, diesel, electric, etc

Electric Scissor Lifts

These aerial platform lifts operate on rechargeable batteries. Moreover, they are best suited for indoor applications where emissions and noise need to be curtailed. However, in recent years electric scissor lifts are now offering working heights over 20m with safe working loads up to 1,000kg. These electric scissor lifts are mostly the best fit for warehouses, factories and retail stores. They emit zero carbon emissions making them environmentally friendly.

Not only this, but the electric scissor lifts require less maintenance with fewer movable parts. Undoubtedly electric scissor lifts are the best choice for places where petrol and diesel could be hazardous.

Diesel scissor lifts

If you require Scissor lifts for rough terrain, diesel scissor lifts are your access platform for the job. These diesel-powered platform lifts are best suited for outdoor use and are one of the best lifts when it comes to performance. Furthermore, they can be most seen in construction areas, maintenance, etc as they provide sturdiness on uneven terrains.

Scissor Lift - Service Level Pledge

Your scissor lift hire experience is made easy with AFI.

We have a large, modern range of scissor lifts with various platform heights available to hire from our nationwide depots. We offer long-term and short-term scissor lift hires with our Service Level Pledge ("SLP"), whereby we are committed to fulfilling orders on over 85% of our fleet within the specified time.

  • 24 Hours - Representing over 50% of our machines
  • 48 Hours - Representing a further 25% of machines
  • 72 Hours - Representing a further 10% of machines

Scissor lifts are hired to raise operatives safely to height to carry out work at height in various industry sectors, including construction, infrastructure, warehousing, industrial, facilities management and installations.

Hiring scissors lifts is extremely cost-effective and brings flexibility to job sites that require temporary access solutions for elevated workspaces during construction, manufacturing and maintenance projects.

Scissor lifts are usually self-powered by various means, depending upon their use. They can be powered by electric (most common scissor lift), diesel (for more difficult terrains) and hybrid bi-fuel that boast a combination of electric and diesel engines.

AFI Rentals Smart Off-Hire Process

AFI-Rentals has recently launched a smart off-hire process using a MEWP-specific QR code on each machine.

This new system allows our customers to quickly and easily off-hire their scissor lift hire by using their phones to scan the unique QR code found near the ground controls.

As well as being able to off-hire using this QR code, customers can find important information about their scissor lift, such as the LOLER certificate, PDI details, reporting breakdowns, and machine familiarisation videos.

We Serve Across the UK/England

AFI-Rentals is a trusted platform provider for the hiring of scissor lifts and serves throughout the United Kingdom with depots in Birmingham, Wales - Swansea, Liverpool, Hull and many more locations for decades now.

In addition to equipment rentals, the AFI also offers IPAF operator and PASMA courses in both modes, that is online and in classroom with practical experience. For more information contact us today!

FAQs about Scissor Lift hire from AFI Rentals

Hiring a scissor lift has numerous advantages, it is not only cost-efficient. But also makes the workplace safe and increases productivity as it makes it easy to reach the elevated spaces.

The capacity to carry weight varies from model to model. The scissor lifts normally can hold up to 750 kg or more.

Yes, we offer flexible rental periods, including weekly, monthly or longer-term rentals. Whether you need a scissor lift for a few hours or an extended project, we can accommodate your requirements.

We offer a huge range of scissor lifts including electric powered to diesel powered. One can choose their ideal match according to their needs.

While scissor lifts are relatively easy to operate, we recommend that all operators undergo proper IPAF training to ensure safe usage.

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