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Used Truck Mounts For Sale

Used truck mounts available, all LOLER certified. Available now for fast delivery.



What is a truck mounted platform?

A truck mounted platform is a mobile elevating work platform which is attached or 'mounted' on to a road licenced chassis.

These are also referred to as mounted platforms, truck mounts and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP).

  • Articulated truck mounted platform
  • Telescopic truck mounted platform

  • Once on site, they can be set up easily and quickly, allowing the operators to get to work straight away
  • Ideal for multisite applications
  • They tend to have a higher safe working load (SWL) then other MEWPS which means extra capacity for things like tools or cameras and lighting rigs in the media industry
  • Road licensed for highway work eg signs and window cleaning

Truck mounts are useful for when you require your access platform to be moveable, as it can easily be driven from one site to another, unlike a standalone MEWP, which may need to be transported on another vehicle as they are not highway legal.

A truck mount is fixed to a vehicle which has wheels and can be driven between locations. A spider lift has a set of tracks instead of wheels, which makes it much more capable of handling challenging conditions and uneven terrain.

For a truck mounted platform with weight up to 3.5T, them the vehicle is driveable on a standard licence.

Over 3.5T requires a relevant HGV licence if it is a self-driving platform.

Please note, if you are hiring a truck mount with a reach of more than 21m, you will be provided with an operator.

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