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Telescopic Boom Lift Hire

Stick boom lifts, also referred to as straight-boom telescopic booms, are ideal for both internal and external work where extreme height is required. Models are available in a huge variety of sizes and features .

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What Is a Telescopic Boom Lift?

Rising high above the ground, workers rely on the flexibility of a telescopic boom lift, a versatile piece of machinery that suits most contractors' needs. From construction to industrial to commercial use; this multi-functional utility platform can handle it all.

A hydraulic arm, often with multiple segments that can easily expand or contract, is featured on several models of telescopic booms which enable them to reach ideal heights. Wielding a joystick while seated comfortably in the control room located at the base of the boom, the operator moves hydraulic pistons with ease and mobilizes arm segments accordingly.

Uses of a Telescopic Boom Lift

While many are well aware of the benefits that telescopic boom lifts offer to those in blue-collar professions such as construction and repair, most fail to recognize that these machines have diverse applications in many fields beyond that.

Industries where telescopic boom lifts used are:

Telescopic boom lifts are frequently featured pieces of equipment within countless building sites. They come in handy when lifting workers into inaccessible spots, rendering them access to places that would otherwise be out of reach. Moreover, they can also prove helpful during tasks like painting, where precision and careful control are essential.

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2.Maintenance and Repair: Telescopic boom lifts are typically utilized for various maintenance and repair endeavors, such as changing light bulbs, restoring power lines, and painting.

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3.Film and Television Production: These machines are also applied in a reasonably unconventional area you wouldn't expect- In the film studio. Here, these machines provide an aerial perspective for scenes in movie and television production; or, occasionally act as a platform for lighting equipment.

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4. Warehouse and Inventory Management: Lift platforms also offer employees the opportunity to access high shelving units and racks without the typical risks associated with ladders.

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FAQ's about Telescopic Boom Lift Rental from AFI Rentals

The cost of renting a telescopic boom lift varies depending on the size, rental period, and the site location. It is best to request a quote from us to get know exact cost.

The minimum rental duration is 1 week. You can hire for long period to get a better deal and a bigger discount. Contact us for a quote.

The maximum height a telescopic boom lift can reach depends on the model. We have telescopic boom lifts that can reach up to 60 meters in height.

Again, this depends on the model, we offer telescopic boom lifts that can carry between 200 kg and 1350 kg of weight.

Yes, operating a telescopic boom lift requires specialized training IPAF 3B to operate and certification to ensure safety. We offer various training programmes throughout the UK. Click here to learn more about the various training courses we offer.

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