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Van Mounted Cherry Picker Hire / Pick-Up Hire

Van-mounted cherry pickers, sometimes called Van Mounts or cherry picker vans, are self-drive street-side cherry pickers with ample reach and storage.

Their outriggers and large chassis provide unparalleled stability.

They are commonly used in the infrastructure sector for jobs in locations like highway maintenance, street lighting and signage.

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Cherry picker van hire

These van-mounted cherry pickers are ideal for getting to street-side lamp posts or housing fascia, roof repairs, and lighting and sign installations.

Their in-built storage makes them an efficient method for most outdoor applications.

You hire the van, load it up with tools, materials hire equipment, and equipment and go from location to location depending on the job of the day.

A van-mounted cherry picker (or cherry picker van) is a platform which is connected to a vehicle.

Because these cherry pickers are constructed on existing vans, they work perfectly in urban and suburban locations.

The telescopic booms can vary in reach, allowing for easy movement and positioning of the work platform on streets or public places. Vans mount legs for enhanced stability during lifting.

We have a range of models available for commercial hire and long-term hire from leading truck brands like Versalift and Ascendant with different working heights.

Cherry picker truck offering easy outreach and a range of working heights for access to telecoms and street working.

Chapter 8 Compliant

All our van mounts available for hire are fitted with Chapter 8 rear chevrons to comply with the Department of Transport (DfT) best practice recommendations.

What is Chapter 8?

The use of Chapter 8 compliant vehicle livery is considered DfT best practice. It is recommended that any vehicles stopping on UK roads for works or inspection purposes should be Chapter 8 compliant. It is intended to provide a standard of good practice and is considered as the minimum requirement, which should always be achieved.

Who does Chapter 8 affect?

It affects any user of large or small vehicles from HGV's to road maintenance trucks, small vans and cars that intentionally stop for work or inspection purposes on high speed roads.

We are constantly adding to our range of suitable van mount access platforms, tools and hire equipment.

Working height of 12.5m Ascendant Van Mount Working Height platform suited to assist in locations with outreach equipment - Contact AFI for hire rates

Hire self-drive van-mounted platforms for working height

Because they're built on existing van platforms, van-mounted hire MEWPs are secure and simple to maintain over the course of your self-drive hire, and you can park it as you would your car.

Unlike some truck-mounted hire MEWPs, you can drive hire these vehicles on a standard driving license and take the same hire MEWP to multiple sites.

Perfect for extra peace of mind on unsecured work sites, and highly suitable for both highway maintenance contracts and street-side work.

We also offer IPAF training through our training division UTN Training for those who are hiring powered access machines.

Versalift Van mounted Access Platform for working height and job access equipment. Contact AFI for long term hire rates.

Versalift 13.5m Van Mounted Cherry Picker hire

The new Versalift 13.5m Van Mounted Cherry Pickers are perfect for any job that requires greater horizontal outreach than the other Van Mounts. Its larger turret can give almost any job a full metre extra (0.70m) of extra reach.

The articulating basket will ensure the greatest flexibility when most needed. All vans are fitted with an onboard ultraviolet disinfecting light that will assist by destroying up to 99.9% of germs.

Are you looking to hire Van Mounts for your business? Our fleet of brand new Versalift VTL135 vans have greater horizontal outreach, making them ideal for infrastructure projects that move tools and materials low to the ground but are difficult to gain direct access to, such as street lighting, highway lighting maintenance, work behind walls, or on roadside signs.

The Versalift Van Mounted Cherry Picker is one of our newest additions. They are perfect for work that requires greater horizontal outreach than the other Van Mounts and its articulating basket will ensure the greatest flexibility and outreach when you need it most.

Enabling UK teams and customers to access a range of working at height options

We are continuously investing in our fleet of Versalift 13.50m Van Mounted self-drive Cherry Picker Access Platforms to meet exceptional demand from the utilities and infrastructure sectors.

These self drive van mounted platforms can work in many industries but access platforms are in particular demand from customers who are supporting the UK's infrastructure.

Because they weigh under 3.5t, they can be driven on a normal car licence and require an IPAF 1B to operate.

Self-drive hybrid Versalift e-Tech platform

Driven by customer demand for a viable, cleaner solution; the self-drive hybrid Versalift e-Tech platform is engineered to run on 100% electric power.

With zero emissions whilst operating your vehicle on full electric, you can be assured of a greener, quieter, cost efficient method more-effective reach with no loss of productivity.

Installed with lithium-ion batteries, the 12v e-Tech platform system delivers c.20 cycle performance from a full charge, and effectively recharges whilst the vehicle is being driven on engine power.

With a mobile website or app available, operators can check the status of the battery directly from their device, allowing them to easily keep an eye on the battery level and condition whilst working at height.

Available to supply for retrofitting, the e-Tech battery pack can either be fitted retrospectively to existing Versalift platforms or installed on new production builds.

Versalift e-Tech hybrid access platform - Self drive van mounted platforms  - Same hire access platform for multiple jobs, roof repairs, sign installations, street lights.
Versalift E tech van inside UK hire - battery mounted inside van leaving room for tools  - can be retrofitted to van

Van Mount Service Level Pledge

The Van Mounted service level pledge ("SLP") from AFI means we are committed to fulfilling orders on most of our Van mounted fleet within 15 days from placing an order.

What does our Van Mount SLP cover?

AFI20 orders for Van mounts can be confirmed with the customer immediately providing there is 2 weeks' notice of the delivery date.

Important: Points to note

Orders requiring specific features (i.e. Generator) or delivery conditions will require checking with the Hub before accepting the hire and multiple machine orders will require liaison contact with the Hub.

-Excludes rehire companies.

-All machines covered within our pledge are flagged with a 15 days.

-These hires are working height specific and not model working height specific

-Orders placed AM for AM delivery and PM for PM delivery.

Van mounts provide working height for street lighting engineers

Long term hire rates/ Longer term hire rates

Our standard rates give our customers the flexibility they need for most jobs, but for many customers, their work projects are over many weeks and months, with many hires almost a month long.

What is a long-term hire?

A long term hire is when you pay to rent a cherry picker for a set term or contract, rather than purchasing the machine outright.

The main benefit of a long term hire for a cherry picker is that you can benefit from a reduced cost compared to buying the machine outright. No large upfront payments, as you pay on a monthly basis and maintenance costs are included.

The cost of a long term hire depends on how long you want to hire the machine for and which machine you need operated hire. Our team will be able to advise you on the most suitable machine for your requirements and will then be able to work with you to get you the best price possible.

Working Height Equipment Training IPAF Training can be taken in 21 centres nationwide.

IPAF 3a 3b 1b Operator Training Courses

IPAF 1b Static boom Training

IPAF static boom, mobile access platform, scissor lifts & mobile boom platform training, IPAF 3a 3b & 1b Training Courses are available through AFI's UTN Training and instructs a driver to prepare and safely operate various platforms, including details on scissor lifts, boom lifts, and van-mounted MEWPs. You will need a normal car licence and require an IPAF 1B to hire a van mount.

Our friendly team at AFI will offer more details and helpful advice to suit you on each MEWP and the training needed to carry out work with a cherry picker truck.

Working Height Equipment Training IPAF Training can be taken in 21 centres nationwide.

FAQs about Van Mount hire from AFI Rentals

At AFI, safety is our top priority. We ensure that all our Van Mounted Cherry Pickers undergo regular maintenance and rigorous safety inspections. Our rental units are equipped with advanced safety features, including emergency stop buttons, harness attachment points, and stabilizers for stability during operation.

AFI Rental offers flexible rental durations to accommodate your project needs. You can hire a Van Mounted Cherry Picker for longer term, depending on your specific requirements.

Yes, Van Mounted Cherry Pickers are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They come with simple controls and intuitive functionalities, making them easy to operate for trained personnel. AFI offers training and familiarisation with the equipment upon hire to ensure safe and effective operation.

Absolutely! AFI Rental provides on-site support and technical assistance throughout your rental period. Our experienced technicians can help with setup, training, and any operational concerns you may have.

Yes, each Van Mounted Cherry Picker has specific weight and height limitations. It is crucial to inform our team about your project requirements so that we can recommend the most suitable cherry picker model for your task.

Yes, you can extend the rental period for the Van Mounted Cherry Picker. Simply contact our customer support team as early as possible to make the necessary arrangements.

We Serve Across the UK/England

AFI-Rentals is a trusted platform provider for the hiring of scissor lifts and serves throughout the United Kingdom with depots in Birmingham, Wales - Swansea, Liverpool, Hull and many more locations for decades now.

In addition to equipment rentals, the AFI also offers IPAF operator and PASMA courses in both modes, that is online and in classroom with practical experience. For more information contact us today!

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