• Access Platforms for the Maintenance

  • For over 20 years, we've been on the job with companies working on heavy and light industrial maintenance and remediation projects.

    Cherry pickers are one of the most popular methods for any type of maintenance work. With platform heights ranging from 3m to 75m across our portfolio which includes scissor lifts, boom lifts, spider lifts, van and truck-mounted platforms, can support you and your project ate very height.

  • Maintenance Applications

    Painting & Decorating

    Utilizing access platforms for painting and decorating projects significantly enhances efficiency and safety. AFI-Rentals provides a range of cherry pickers suitable for painting and decorating tasks, ensuring easy access to even the most challenging areas.

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    Orange MEWP working on windmill

    Facility Management

    In facility management, maintaining buildings and structures efficiently is paramount. AFI-Rentals access platforms play a vital role in enabling facility management teams to perform their duties safely and effectively. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, our cherry pickers provide the access needed for various facility management tasks.

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    Fleet of AFI machines

    Tree Surgery

    Tree surgery demands safe and reliable access equipment. AFI-Rentals offers a range of access platforms suitable for tree surgery, providing arborists and tree surgeons with safe and efficient solutions for working at height. Our cherry pickers ensure easy access to tree canopies, facilitating tree maintenance, pruning, and removal tasks.

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    Man working on tree top

    Window Cleaning Services

    Access platforms are essential for window cleaning services, allowing workers to reach heights safely and efficiently. AFI-Rentals provides a variety of cherry pickers suitable for window cleaning tasks, ensuring access to high-rise buildings and difficult-to-reach areas.

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    Men cleaning windows from a yellow truck mount