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    Biomass & Green Energy from Waste Plants - Cherry Picker Hire

    We have a wide range of cherry pickers that are well suited to working on green energy sites or on the maintenance and repair of wind turbines, solar panels or energy from waste plants at elevated heights. We believe these are a safe option for you and your employees to work at height, the secure working platform also provides space for tools and equipment.


    Installation and Maintenance of Green Energy plant

    Cherry Pickers create a high-level elevated platform to work from in the biomass and green energy sector. Our range of cherry pickers suit a full range of spaces and sizes to ensure that you can carry out your installation, build and repairs and maintenance projects safely. So, whether your project requires an engineer gaining access to an awkward or tight space, or you need to reach to the top of a very tall frame, we have the right machine for you.

    A number of hazards and risks incur when working at height on an energy plant site. Managing the supply and logistics of powered access equipment, all whilst ensuring compliance and the health and safety of operators and other workers in the vicinity of working at height tasks can be a daunting task. We have experience of supplying powered access machines to many wind farm and other energy sites over the years from small to large scale projects, and our industry experience makes us ideally positioned to provide you with expert advice, support and guidance when it comes to the provision and use of powered access equipment throughout your construction projects.

Not sure what powered access equipment you require?

  • Working at Height Safely on Green Energy projects

    Powered access machines will allow your employees to build, run, maintain and repair wind farm and solar and biomass plant and equipment on a day-to-day basis and to try and ensure work carried out at height is conducted without risks to themselves or others.


    Reach higher with our extended Super-Set Fleet

    The Super-Set is our range of large machines including Electric and Diesel Scissor Lifts, Diesel Articulating Boom Lifts and Diesel Straight Stick Boom Lifts. With reach heights ranging from 21m to 59m, whatever the job, we have a machine to help you do it.

  • Popular powered access machines used for Green Energy Projects

  • Experience

    For over 20 years, we've been on the job with companies working in solar farms, wind farms and other energy plants. And with all those years of experience comes the knowledge of what it takes to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely. So whatever your requirements may be for powered access platforms we can offer fitting solutions.

    Whilst the worker is standing in the elevated basket, we can also provide for hire a professional operator who has the flexibility to raise the basket to all necessary heights. Cherry pickers are perfect for reaching awkward or very high places or work above from the ground level. All cherry picker operators are fully IPAF trained.

    If in doubt about which machine offers the best solution, you can request a site survey.

    We also offer IPAF training for those who are operating powered access machines through our training division UTN Training.

  • Cherry pickers are one of the most popular ways to work at height. With platform heights ranging from 3m to 75m across our portfolio which includes scissor lifts, boom lifts, spider lifts, van and truck-mounted platforms for external works, we can support you and your green energy project at every height.

    If just one scissor lift is required or multiple powered access machines with an assortment of different specifications, we can help. We will work with you to ensure the correct MEWP is selected, based on the working height, load capacity and outreach requirements to tailor a hire package that meets the specific needs of your project. All our machines are maintained to the highest standards and serviced regularly adhering to all relevant safety criteria.

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    Safety and Excellent Service

    We adhere to the highest safety standards, with well maintained, high-quality equipment from the leading brands in the industry, such as Palfinger, CTE, Bronto, JLG and Teupen. Machines are inspected prior to each delivery and upon collection. AFI's continuous commitment to safety ensures you will be able to meet your workplace safety obligations without interruption. 

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