• Site Survey

    Choosing the correct machine is essential for your job to run smoothly and safely. Time is money and the last thing you want is to arrive on site to find that you don't have the right equipment for the job.

    Included in our site survey we will.

    1. ·        Visit site and attend timed meetings

    2. ·        Take all critical measurements

    3. ·        Specify the correct type of truck or track mount

    4. ·        Investigate avoidable hazards

    5. ·        Establish if further special equipment is required

  • Our free site survey service ensures that all our hires run smoothly from initial enquiry to job completion.

    Avoid costly delays to your job by trusting in our professional team, who will survey your site and make the right decisions for your access platform hire, however unusual or awkward the job.

    You can have the peace of mind that your job will start on time, every time, with the truck or track mount in place.

    To be certain that your work will be cost effective, conducted safely and completed on time, book a free site survey now.