• MEWP Machine Familiarisation


    A key factor in MEWP operator accidents is a lack of familiarisation about the machine they are operating and the ground personnel's lack of knowledge of the emergency procedures. Each machine can have different controls and emergency procedures, so it is important to be familiar with the machine before each use.

    Before using a MEWP you must be trained to the applicable MEWP classification and be familiarised on the specific machine. Familiarisation is required on any MEWP that is significantly different in weight, height, length, or complexity to the MEWP on which training took place. The operator, supervisor, ground person/rescuer, service engineer and demonstrator all need adequate familiarisation to undertake their duties.

    AFI’s Familiarisation and Emergency Lowering videos are aimed at operators and other ground personnel, taking them through the Familiarisation procedures that need to take place before operating the MEWP, and the Emergency Lowering procedure should they need to use it.

    IPAF states that “Those who intend to use any machine with characteristics of weight, height, width, length or complexity which differ significantly to the training they have received should ensure that they receive a familiarisation to cover the differences.” View IPAF Familiarisation guidance here:

    IPAF – Familiarisation Technical Guidance Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)