• Emergency Lowering Videos


    AFI’s award-winning Familiarisation and Emergency Lowering videos are aimed at operators and other ground personnel, taking them through the Familiarisation procedures that need to take place before operating the MEWP, and the Emergency Lowering procedure should they need to use it.

    IPAF states that “Those who intend to use any machine with characteristics of weight, height, width, length or complexity which differ significantly to the training they have received should ensure that they receive a familiarisation to cover the differences.” IPAF – Familiarisation Technical Guidance Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) – View PDF

    With so many different types of powered access machine available it is vital that operators receive guidance on the specific machines they will be using. We have therefore developed a set of online machine familiarisation videos. Our online videos cover safety information, features of the specific machine, control functions and emergency lowering procedures.

    The 50 familiarisation videos are a first in the UK working at height sector. Any MEWP operator, supervisor, project manager or safety manager can view them on a smart device by scanning a QR code on the machine or by viewing them online on our website.

    This video has been produced to help familiarise you with the Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) stated at the beginning of this video. It is not intended to remove or replace the need for formal MEWP training and/or adequate supervision.

Not sure what powered access equipment you require?

  • To be able to use any MEWP you must.

    1. ·        Hold a recognised licence and have the correct MEWP category on your operator’s card.

    1. ·        Have authorisation to use the MEWP.


    The video must be used in accordance with the current manufacturers’ operator manual. You are still responsible and before using the MEWP you must.

    1. ·        Read the manufacturers’ operator manual.

    2. ·        Carry out pre-use checks.

    3. ·        Carry out function checks.

    4. ·        Check emergency lowering systems.

    5. ·        Conduct a thorough risk assessment.

    6. ·        Have in place an emergency rescue plan.

  • The information provided in these videos are for guidance only, AFI Rentals can not be held responsible for any misuse, misinterpretations or changes in accordance to manufacturer's specifications.


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