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UK's Leap Towards a Net Zero Economy

UK's Leap Towards a Net Zero Economy

Amid global climate challenges, the United Kingdom is taking significant strides towards a net zero economy. A recent report unveils remarkable growth, with the net zero sector expanding by an impressive 9% in 2023, contrasting sharply with the overall economy's meagre 0.1% growth. This growth isn't just about numbers; it demonstrates a burgeoning industry reshaping the economic landscape while addressing pressing environmental concerns.

One of the report's key findings is the emergence of thousands of new green businesses in 2023, collectively contributing £74 billion in goods and services and creating over 765,000 jobs. As a company that has always been keen on green innovations, we have invested £18 million into our electric and hybrid fleet since 2020.

The investment demonstrates our relentless commitment to sustainable practices that position us at the forefront of the UK's transition to a greener economy. By adopting electric and hybrid technologies, we  also strive to embrace innovation and stay ahead of market trends. 

With commitments from the UK government and major construction firms to transition to diesel-free sites by 2035, along with rapidly advancing electric Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) technology, we have seen higher and higher demand for green aerial work platforms and aerial work platforms for the green industry. For example, our Dingli JCPT3225DC has a 1-tonne lifting capacity that outclasses comparable diesel machines, and its instant-torque motors prove exceptional in challenging ground conditions. Green access platforms like these are powerful and capable, and not only are they better for the environment, but they are also better for your health when on site.

Additionally, our 75-metre green giants 'Hulk' and 'Nessi' are regularly called upon to assist with the maintenance of wind turbines nationwide. With only a few of these access platforms available in the UK, their demand is sky-high.

Beyond their immediate benefits for the environment and health on-site, electric and hybrid mobile elevated work platforms represent a transformative change in the UK construction industry's approach towards sustainability. These advanced MEWPs not only help decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions but also reduce noise pollution, ensuring quieter operation compared to their diesel-powered alternatives. This is especially useful in urban construction projects with strict noise regulations.

Furthermore, commitments regarding the transition to diesel-free sites by 2035 show an increasing awareness about the construction's significant carbon footprint and potential for contributing to climate change.  

We are committed to a green future and have been for a long time, so this is welcome news. But more can always be done to help ensure a greener future, and this is also why we have entered into a partnership with Ecologi by facilitating hiring and off-hiring our access platforms online, we are committed to offsetting 150% of our MEWP's delivery emissions. 

Our partnership with Ecologi aligns with our sustainability ethos and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to eco-consciousness. Offsetting 150% of our aerial 'platforms' delivery emissions reflects how seriously we take addressing the environmental impact of our business operations. 

For us, sustainability isn't mere adherence to environmental regulations. As we invest in eco-friendly technologies, we also need to collaborate with stakeholders in the construction industry to accelerate the adoption of greener construction practices. Collaborating with like-minded organisations would allow us to take collective action for addressing climate change and eventually pave the way for a more resilient and greener future.   

As a company committed to sustainability, we always strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable business practices through operator training programs, community engagement efforts, or R&D initiatives. We aim to make a meaningful contribution towards transforming the UK into a greener and more sustainable economy. 

For green access platforms or access platforms to assist in the development of this green economy, please get in touch today to see how our friendly support team can help.

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