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3 Benefits of Electric Rough Terrain Scissor lifts vs Diesel

3 Benefits of Electric Rough Terrain Scissor lifts vs Diesel

Electric rough terrain scissor lifts are some of the most capable machines on the market. Thanks to decades of innovation, these can go toe-to-toe with many of their diesel counterparts – and in some cases, they beat them. Here’s our list of three reasons why you might prefer to hire an electric rough-terrain MEWP over a diesel version. 


Thanks to recent battery improvements, electric rough terrain scissor lifts deliver more punch than ever. With their compact size, longevity, and in many cases maintenance-free battery packs, battery scissors are a compelling choice for many of our customers – and this efficiency has wider impacts on performance, too.  

The nature of electric MEWPs also means that they’re more reliable; with a significant reduction in moving parts and weatherproof housing, these machines last longer and are easier to maintain. 


After efficient batteries, the next step is to improve the lifting mechanisms. Thankfully, there are now plenty of tried and tested methods of lifting, and options like the Dingli JCPT3225DC have a 1-tonne lifting capacity that outclasses comparable diesel machines. 

With the absence of a diesel engine, electric MEWPs create a more comfortable and safer working environment. As their lifting mechanisms only use power when lifting or descending, they can be very efficient for long periods at height – and do it completely silently.  

Due to the weight density of batteries and the instant torque of electric motors, electric MEWPs can have better gradeability, better efficiency, and better stability at height. Advances in motor performance means that most electric MEWPs are now also totally smooth to operate, giving a seamless working at height experience. 

And because certain MEWPs, such as our Dingli 3225DC scissor lift, have independently controlled motors in each wheel, they are effectively permanently four-wheel drive. 

Environmentally friendly. 

    1) Carbon reduction/ offsetting initiatives. 

Our Carbon Offsetting Scheme is a new way to help our customers reduce their carbon emissions; with each online hire, we will offset 200% of the carbon emissions associated with the delivery of the machine, and if a customer off-hires online, we will offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with collection. Thanks to our partnership with Ecologi, this scheme will allow us to build lasting, sustainable, green solutions. 

    2) Better for sensitive environments. 

As electric rough terrain MEWPs produce zero emissions, this not only aligns with AFI-Rentals’ sustainability goals but it also makes them ideal for work in areas with strict air quality regulations, such as the Ultra Low Emissions Zones now present in many cities, such as in London. 

    3) Reduced pollution. 

Electric MEWPs also eliminate the risk of fuel spills associated with diesel engines, enhancing safety in ecologically sensitive environments. Similarly, they also eliminate the need for a fuel bowser - save for where one is required for on-site generators – making work less hazardous. 

    4) Reduced noise pollution. 

Because electric MEWPs produce no noise when idling, they are ideal for working at height for extended periods. And when you need to move the machine, the noise levels are typically lower than that of a diesel equivalent, making them more suitable for working at night or in urban environments. 

    5) They help businesses meet industry goals. 

In consultation with industry leaders, the government has set out a road map to phase out diesel on construction sites. Electric MEWPs are proving that they are a suitable replacement for diesel machines now, and as such, businesses are requesting more ‘green’ access equipment. 

    6) Better for your wallet! 

As well as the environmental benefits, it’s important to highlight the business use-case. Based on our industry experience and estimations, we believe that an electric MEWP can save customer as much as 75% on fuel costs compared to a similar diesel MEWP.  

That’s it! Three reasons why you might want to hire an electric rough-terrain scissor lift over a diesel alternative. If you are interested in our range of electric RT scissors, you can get in touch here or hire online with an AFI trading account.  

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