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These van mounted cherry pickers, sometimes referred to as Van Mounts, are competent street-side cherry pickers which have ample reach, storage - and with their outriggers and large chassis, they provide such unparalleled stability. As well as this, they are used in the infrastructure sector for jobs like highways maintenance and signage.

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But more than that, these van mounted cherry pickers are ideal for getting to street-side lamp posts or housing fascia, and their in-built storage makes them the perfect companion for whatever you need them to do.

All our van mounts available for hire are fitted with Chapter 8 rear chevrons to comply with the Department of Transport (DfT) best practice recommendations.

And because they're built on existing van platforms, van mounted MEWPs are secure, simple to maintain over the course of your hire, and you can park it as you would your car - because unlike some truck mounted MEWPs, you can drive these on a standard driving license. Perfect for extra peace of mind on unsecured work sites and street-side work.

We also offer IPAF training through our training division UTN Training for those who are operating powered access machines.

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