• Our Machine Range

  • We have a national powered access fleet including push around verticals (PAVs), mast lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts (articulating booms, stick booms), truck & track mounts as well as telehandlers.

    Our versatile MEWP fleet delivers working heights from 3.6m to 59m.

    Our team at depots across the UK will provide friendly and professional advice and support during every step of your hire, from site surveys, placing your order, keeping you updated on delivery through to off-hire and collection.


    Reach heights 3.63m - 4.55m

    Low level access platform for indoor use. Compact and lightweight design allows easy manoeuvrability through doorways and narrow aisles, and easily fits into standard lifts.

    Sometimes referred to as PAV.

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    Reach heights 4.20m - 10.00m

    Compact dimensions enables the mast lift to operate in restricted spaces, typically encountered in offices, retail stores, hotels, public buildings or crowded industrial aisles.

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    Reach heights 5.60m - 33.70m

    Scissor lifts are used in applications where a straight vertical lift is required. Available with a variety of features for different situations.

    Sometimes called flying carpet

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    Reach heights 10.00m - 43.15m

    Articulated boom lifts have a large range of movement with sideways outreach, allowing the work platform to gain access around and over obstacles. Available in a vast variety of sizes and features.

    Sometimes called cherry picker

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    Reach heights 15.45 - 58.56m

    Stick boom lifts, also referred to as straight-boom telescopic booms, are ideal for both internal and external work where extreme height is required. Models are available in a huge variety of sizes and features.

    Referred to as telescopic boom

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    Reach heights 14.00m - 31.00m

    Track mounted platforms are ideal for tackling projects where the ground is uneven and space is tight. They provide a solution for applications requiring low point loadings where height and outreach is required.

    Sometimes called spider lift

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    Reach heights 20.00m - 57.00m

    Truck mounted platforms are able to get to and from site quickly and are ready for use in minutes. Popular with signage, pest control, film and broadcasting, telecommunications companies and maintenance contractors.

    Often called lorry mounted platform

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    Lift heights 4.03m - 29.50m

    We offer wide range of machines from 4 metre telehandlers to larger rotational machines, covering the vast majority of applications.

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    Reach heights 12.5m - 15m

    Van Mounts, are competent stree-side cherry pickers which have ample reach, storage - and with their outriggers and large chassis, they provide such unparalleled stability.

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    Lift heights -6m to -20.60m

    From the compact SIMON UB40 to the hugh Aspen A-62, which allows a full inspection of a dual carriageway bridge in one go, we can cater to your needs.

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