• MEWP Service Level Pledge

  • Our 24-Hour and 48-hour MEWP Service Level Pledge ("SLP") whereby we are committed to fulfilling orders on over 80% of our fleet within the specified time.

    We have upgraded our MEWP Service Ledge Pledge where we are committed to fulfilling cherry picker orders:

    1. ·        24 Hours – Representing over 50% of our machines

    2. ·        48 Hours – Representing a further 30% of machines


    This pledge applies to deliveries within 40 miles of our nearest AFI depot.

    1. ·        Orders automatically accepted for a 48-hour turnaround for 80% of our fleet

    2. ·        Specialist powered access support or service orders, i.e. generators, may take longer

    3. ·        All machines covered are flagged

    4. ·        You can place your orders online 24/7/365. 


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    Hires over 20+ days SLP

    Hiring our machines for a minimum of 20 days might save you money compared with hiring on weekly basis. If you hire any of the below machines for 20+ days, we can offer next-day delivery*.

    * Cut off time for next day delivery is 2.00 pm after which the delivery will be guaranteed for the day after tomorrow.


    What machines are covered within our 24-Hour & 48-hour MEWP Service Level Pledge

    Machines covered are as follows:

  • Platform Height Masts Scissors
    3 Meters BM10 N.A.
    3.5 Meters N.A. SE12
    4.5 Meters BM15E N.A.
    6 Meters N.A. SE19
    8 Meters N.A. S26E | S26NE
    9.5 Meters N.A. SE32E
  • Platform Height Booms Masts Scissors
    8 Meters N.A. BMJ26E N.A.
    9 Meters BA30NES N.A. N.A.
    10.5 Meters BA34NBS N.A. N.A.
    12 Meters N.A. N.A. S39NE
    13.5 Meters BA45DS N.A. N.A.
    15.5 Meters BA51BS N.A. N.A.
    18 Meters BA60DS N.A. N.A.
    19 Meters BA63DS N.A. N.A.
    24.5 Meters BA80DS N.A. N.A.
  • Off-hire Service Level Pledge

    AFI is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction - as such, when you off-hire online or through the AFI App, your off-hire date will be automatically accepted, and we will collect the machine!



    1. ·        The equipment must be left in a safe and secure place and be accessible for collection

    2. ·        AFI-Uplift reserves the right to inspect the machine for damage before final confirmation of the off-hire


    PDF IconCPA 2021 terms and conditions apply