• Wheel Covers and Nappies

  • Wheel Covers

    When non-marking tyres are not an option, wheel covers are ideal for indoor use when you need to protect the floor surface from unsightly black marks caused by the tyres of a machine.

  • Benefits

    1. ·        They are universal and can be used on any size of tyre in our MEWP fleet.

    2. ·        Simple three stage process to fit to the tyres.

    3. ·        Can be reused multiple times.

  • Nappies

    Nappies help to protect your working areas from oil deposits should your machine develop a leak.

    Positioned under the machine, nappies help to protect the working area, keeping it clean and free from oil deposits.



    1. ·        Vehicle nappies can be manufactured to customer’s specification or can be supplied as a standard size.

    2. ·        Made from durable PVC which can be washed down after use and re-used again.