• Long-term Hire

    Are you looking to hire a cherry picker on a long term or contract basis?

    We can help you find the right machine at the right price, so that you can save money over the length of your hire.


    What is a long-term hire?

    A long term hire is when you pay to rent a cherry picker for a set term or contract, rather than purchasing the machine outright.


    How to hire a cherry picker?

    1. ·       We will help you to choose the machine that is right for your requirement and budget

    2. ·       Agree how long you would like the long term hire to be

    3. ·       Pay monthly for your hire contract

    4. ·       Choose from one of the below options at the end of your hire

  • At the end of a long term hire, the following options are available to you

    1. ·        Return the machine to AFI

    2. ·        Hire another machine

    3. ·        Buy the machine outright

  • Benefits of a long term hire

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  • The main benefit of a long term hire for a cherry picker is that you are able to benefit from a reduced cost in comparison to buying the machine outright

  • ·

  • No large payment to be made upfront as payments are made on a monthly basis

  • ·

  • Maintenance costs are included, so there are no unexpected

  • ·

  • We will provide you with updated machines during the length of your hire

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  • Benefit from premium machinery without the higher costs

  • What does a long term hire cost?

    The cost of a long term hire depends on how long you want to hire the machine for and which machine you need. Our team will be able to advise you on the most suitable machine for your requirements and will then be able to work with you to get you the best price possible.


    Machines available on long term hire

  • Why hire with AFI

    The AFI Group of Companies are specialists in the hire of powered access equipment and cherry pickers and have been offering cherry picker hire since 1998. We have 20 depot locations across the UK and a fleet of more than 6,000 machines, meaning that we have a large fleet of machines at our fingertips.

    We know if can be tricky to know which machine is best, so our friendly and experienced team are on hand to answer any queries you may have and to get you up and running with the right machine as quickly as possible.

    The AFI team can also offer advice on service and maintenance, training and any safety equipment that you may need.


    Talk to us about your hiring options

    Our UK Retail Sales Manager, who works in the AFI Resale division, looks after our long-term hires and is always on hand to answer any queries you may have.

    Call 03301 340 209 or fill out our contact below and we will get back you.