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Order Tracking now Available on all AFI Deliveries and Collections

We are delighted to announce that AFI-Uplift delivery vehicles are now equipped with live tracking! With just a few clicks through your online portal, you will be able to see the live delivery status of your MEWP hire.

This new tracking feature has two benefits; the first is that our customers can accurately plan their resources to ensure someone is on-site to accept delivery or collection; secondly, that we can improve our response times.

This new feature will improve the way our customers interact with us, and it also helps us develop greater trust with our customers by helping us meet robust delivery timetables.

We are continually investing to improve customer service, especially online, in as many facets of the customer journey as possible, and this latest investment represents a major change for the better. With the AFI Online Portal, the AFI App, and now live delivery tracking, we are ensuring that customers receive the best AFI Way experience.

The tracking is viewable through the AFI Online Portal and will be available to all AFI customers, including truck and track customers.

You can track your delivery here.

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