• Careers at AFI-Rentals - Our Core Values

    We are fully committed to being the best within our industry: Our core values, Teamwork, Customer Service and Profitability, with Health and Safety at the centre, are critical to our success and will continue to be so. This is driven by an embedded culture of teamwork and friendly, helpful and professional customer service, with a strong focus on Health/Safety and wellbeing. The AFI Way is the culture that differentiates us and enables us to outperform competitors.


    Friendly, helpful and professional... THE AFI WAY

    Our success to date and our future success have been built on teamwork. All good teams share a common desire and belief, communicate well and take ownership of their roles, which are clearly defined and every team member covers for their colleagues when necessary. Our customers have options, and they rightly expect good service. Excellent customer service creates a formidable platform for generating new business. Our established HSEQ team ensures a heavy focus on health, safety, environmental and quality issues. HSEQ is embedded within the culture of AFI, and all policies and incentive schemes are designed with this in mind.


    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the AFI-Rentals is about aligning our activities with the expectations of our stakeholders about our economic, social and environmental impacts. Our stakeholders include employees, customers, suppliers, investors, local communities and society.


    Please find out more about what makes us tick in the AFI-Group CSR Report. This outlines how we fulfil our CSR obligations and plans to remain responsible corporate citizens.