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What is IPAF training and why is it necessary?

What is IPAF training and why is it necessary?

When working at height, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your own safety, as well as the safety of others. Because of this, there are numerous national and international regulations that regulate and define the safe use of powered access equipment, such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers. IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) was created to help rationalise local working at height training courses into globally recognised standards – and help improve worker safety. 

Here’s a list of 7 reasons why IPAF training is necessary. 

1. Safety: 

The primary goal of IPAF training is to keep operators and the people around them safe. As well as learning to operate the machines safely, training classes cover topics such as risk assessment, safety protocols, and response to emergencies, all of which are critical for avoiding and reducing the impact of accidents. 

2. Compliance:  

Businesses in the United Kingdom must ensure the safety of their employees and others, and must guarantee that their employees are trained and competent to use power access equipment. Failure to fulfil these requirements may cause injuries or deaths, and as such, you could be prosecuted for infractions. Employers may fulfil their legal duties by providing IPAF training. 

3. Increased productivity:  

Properly trained employees are more effective and efficient, allowing organisations to save both resources and time. They are also less likely to make errors, which can result in downtime and delays. 

4. Professional and career development:  

IPAF training is a useful qualification for workers looking to further their careers in the construction business. Certification demonstrates that they have the skills and expertise to operate powered access equipment safely and competently. 

5. Improved reputation:  

Companies who engage in IPAF training for their staff display a commitment towards safety. Safety is highly valued by clients and the wider industry as it demonstrates professionalism. 

6. Lower insurance costs:  

Companies who have a strong safety record and engage in staff training may be qualified for lower insurance prices. Insurance companies understand that companies that take steps towards safety are less likely to have accidents and injuries, lowering the insurer's risk. 

7. A global workforce:  

Because IPAF training is a globally accepted license, workers and companies with IPAF certification are qualified to work at height around the world. This worldwide network can bring new business opportunities for organisations, as well as new career options for individuals. 

IPAF training centres near me 

AFI-Rentals can assist you in finding IPAF training courses in your area. AFI-Rentals are leading rental company of powered access equipment in the United Kingdom. They have training facilities across the country and offer a variety of IPAF training courses. All courses are offered by licensed instructors and are specially designed to fulfil the demands of different industry sectors. 


IPAF training is required for everyone who operates powered access equipment such as scissor lifts, and boom lifts (including vehicle-mounted ones). These globally recognised courses offer a quality of training that protects operators and others around them, demonstrates compliance with law, and increases worker efficiency.  

If you need IPAF training in the UK, look no further than AFI-Rentals.  

AFI has twenty branches in the UK and six in the Middle East. In recent years, they have added over 6,000 powered access equipment to their rental fleet. 

About AFI 

AFI-Rentals are one of the UK’s leading powered access rental companies and we provide everything a person needs to work at height safely. From a modern specialist rental fleet to high-quality training, we are a one-stop-shop for working at height. 

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