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Top 11 Uses of a Telescopic Boom Lift

Top 11 Uses of a Telescopic Boom Lift

Designed especially for elevated work requiring extended vertical and horizontal outreach, a telescopic boom lift gets the worker straight to the source where the task needs to be performed. It basically has a mast which extends in a straight line, providing the reach needed to access overhead jobs. Compared to an articulating boom, a telescopic boom lift may need more space to operate; however, it has a higher reach and can be particularly useful on sites where immovable obstacles or rugged terrain prevent close access to the structures.

Telescopic boom lifts come in a variety of sizes to offer the best height & capacity for a wide range of jobs, such as –

1. Tree Cutting & Trimming 

A telescopic boom lift can be raised quickly and telescoped into place, making them particularly beneficial for arborists in reaching tall trees. The lift is commonly used for performing tree maintenance tasks, such as trimming, pruning, etc.

2. Fruit Picking 

The lift is used on orchards and farms to pick fruits from the trees. Often with a jib, it enables workers to access the fruit-bearing branches at different heights easily.

3. Painting Walls and Ceilings 

The telescopic lift's boom arm can extend horizontally and vertically, allowing painters to access hard-to-reach spaces, like high ceilings and walls, easily.  

4. Lighting Work 

Not all lights are easily accessible. While some might be a few yards away, others might be several meters from the ground. Compared to articulating booms, telescopic booms typically provide greater outreach and are ideal for carrying out lighting work at different heights. The latter is widely used for installing, maintaining, and repairing indoor lighting fixtures, stadium lights at tall ceilings, etc.

5. Erecting Scaffolding 

A telescopic boom is usually the preferred lift for installing scaffolding systems at elevated heights. With its secure and stable platform, it enables the workers to assemble various scaffolding components safely. The workers can adjust the boom arm according to the required reach and height, making it easier to align the scaffolding platforms, frames, and braces accurately.

6. General Building Maintenance 

As the extended boom arm of the telescopic lift gives workers easy access to elevated heights, it is widely used for general building maintenance tasks, like window cleaning, roof inspections, and facade repairs. 

7. Signage Installation 

A telescopic boom is also widely used for installing large signs and banners, providing workers with the reach and height needed for the intended job.

8. Electrical Work 

Commercial buildings, warehouses, and stores typically have electrical systems, fixtures, and wiring at elevated heights. A telescopic boom lift provides an efficient and secure means to access these areas to perform the necessary electrical work. 

9. Roofing Repairs 

You might see telescopic boom lifts used a lot on residential housing projects. That's because they provide roofers easy access to elevated parts of the roof to perform the necessary repairs. Besides, the stable platform ensures safety while working on high or sloped roofs.

10. Piping Work 

A telescopic lift is also often used for piping work in industrial settings. It provides workers access to pipe systems at elevated heights, allowing them to perform the inspection, repair, and installation tasks efficiently.

11. Film & Event Production 

Telescopic boom lifts are widely used for film shoots and live events, like concerts. This lift provides lighting technicians, stage crews, and camera operators excellent horizontal and vertical reach, a stable platform, and precise positioning, allowing them to capture shots from desired angles from elevated heights. 

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