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Tips for Properly Maintaining Rental Equipment

Tips for Properly Maintaining Rental Equipment

The right mobile access equipment can make working at elevated heights significantly safer and more efficient but only when it is properly maintained. Maintaining and servicing powered access machines is a legal requirement for anyone using them for elevated access in the UK. To make sure your rental equipment remains safe, stable, and fit for its intended job, here are some useful tips to follow:

1- Perform Regular Inspections

Effective equipment maintenance begins with regular inspections. Make sure to inspect the access equipment every day before operation thoroughly. Some of the machine components to examine are its hydraulic system, tyres, safety rails, and electrical wiring. Check them for signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. If you notice any issues, get them fixed immediately before they cause further damage. 

2- Keep the Equipment Clean

Keeping it clean is critical to ensure longevity regardless of the type of access equipment you hire. Apart from cleaning the decals and placards to ensure they are legible, look at parts prone to corrosion, such as hydraulic cylinders. Almost every mobile elevated work platform has hydraulic systems, and keeping them clean is integral to a more productive and longer machine life. To avoid contamination of the hydraulic cylinders during a filter change, properly clean the surrounding area. Besides that, you must use the correct hydraulic oil as the manufacturer recommends. 

3- Keep It Well-Lubricated

Following a regular lubricating maintenance schedule is essential for optimising your mobile elevated work platform. The properly lubricated machine operates smoothly and for long periods. When lubricating your machine, there are certain parts that you must pay more attention to, such as pivot points, hinges, and hydraulic cylinders. Watch out for inadequate lubrication and over-lubrication, as they can often be the reason for equipment failure.

4- Adhere to Manufacturer Guidelines

Every mobile access machine has different maintenance and servicing requirements. It is, therefore, advisable to always adhere to the manufacturer guidelines, which can provide you with valuable information about the correct lubrication points, maintenance procedures, and service and maintenance schedule specific to your model. Following these guidelines can help keep your machine in excellent condition and ensure compliance with the necessary safety standards. 

5- Document Your Maintenance Activities

Documenting the maintenance activities performed on your access machine is always a good practice. Maintaining proper service records and keeping track of inspections or any replacement or repair work can be helpful if you ever need to refer to them in the future. Access to your machine’s maintenance history also helps you determine recurring issues that must be addressed.

Follow the aforementioned tips to ensure that your access equipment stays in top working condition.

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