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The Cost Benefits of Self-Drive Cherry Pickers

The Cost Benefits of Self-Drive Cherry Pickers

A self-drive cherry picker is a convenient alternative for those who need access to elevated heights but do not have experience operating specialised mobile elevated work platforms. Self-drive cherry pickers are easy to set up and offer quick elevation, making them an excellent choice for smaller jobs or moving across multiple sites. The best part is that they can be used even on a standard driving license. If you are considering a cherry picker rental for your high-access needs, you might also be interested in knowing the cost benefits of these machines. You might have already looked for 'Cherry Picker Hire Prices near me'. Exploring these machines' cost benefits can offer valuable insights into what makes them a practical, high-access solution. 

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Reduced Labour Expenses 

Traditional access equipment requires trained operators to use it properly, which can significantly increase labour costs. Self-drive cherry pickers, on the other hand, operate autonomously and thus help reduce the need for manual labour. With no expenses associated with employing and training workers, businesses can enjoy significant savings in the long term by opting for these self-propelled machines.

Improved Efficiency

Self-drive cherry pickers are often equipped with advanced features like cutting-edge navigation systems, sensors, etc., that can help complete work at height more efficiently and in less time than manual operation. Since time is money when working at height, streamlined operations and reduced idle time can offer significant cost savings.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The maintenance requirements of self-drive cherry pickers aren't as stringent as the traditional access equipment, thanks to their robust construction and advanced technology features. Unlike conventional access platforms that require frequent servicing because of wear and tear caused by manual operation, self-drive cherry pickers experience fewer breakdowns. This helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs. If you choose to rent a cherry picker instead of purchasing one, you won't even have to worry as much about the machine's maintenance costs since they are taken care of by the rental company.

Enhanced Safety 

Self-drive cherry pickers come with collision avoidance systems, real-time monitoring capabilities, and other safety components that help ensure operator safety at elevated heights. With reduced risk of injuries and accidents on the site, businesses can avoid costly downtime, potential legal liabilities, and worker compensation claims.

If you want to enjoy the cost benefits of self-drive cherry pickers, visit AFI Rentals today to hire a cherry picker for your high-access needs. As the leading powered access rental company in the UK, we have the widest selection of cherry pickers to meet businesses' diverse elevated access requirements. Along with that, we supply all the accessories that you might need to complete your hire. Besides, we offer IPAF training, including IPAF 1b for static booms, through our training division UTN Training so that you can learn how to operate these powered access machines safely and efficiently.

Our cherry picker hire cost per day varies depending on the machine you choose to gain access to and the duration of your hire. The hiring cost may also consider factors like the height you need to work at and the fuel type of the machine. We also have an online AFI portal and an AFI App where you can hire a machine online in just a few minutes.

If you need help finding the right equipment or learn more about our cherry picker rental costs, please talk to our experts @ 01924 601 566.

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