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The Benefits of Investing in a Truck Mount

The Benefits of Investing in a Truck Mount

A truck mount is an access platform installed on a truck chassis, specially adapted with outriggers for improved stability. It is also one of the most commonly spotted access platforms in public spaces. Utility companies and local authorities often employ it to install and maintain roadside infrastructure, including telecoms, street lights, and other general amenities. Truck-mounted cherry pickers are also the go-to choice for applications like tree trimming, signage installation, painting building exteriors, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.

Excellent Mobility

Unlike stationary aerial lifts or scaffolding systems, truck mounts can be driven to multiple sites, which makes them an ideal choice for projects requiring frequent relocation. Due to their ability to move around, businesses can maximise equipment utilisation and perform a wide range of jobs with ease. Besides, rough terrains do not pose any problems for them, nor do narrow streets.

Impressive Height and Reach

One of the other key advantages of truck mounts is their excellent reach and height capabilities. They can easily extend to towering heights, providing safe access to elevated spaces. This, however, may not be possible with traditional equipment. Besides that, the outstanding horizontal reach offered by truck-mounted lifts also makes them an absolute champion for a wide range of aerial jobs. Whether it is a construction task, tree trimming, or repair work on overhead infrastructure, truck-mounted platforms offer the reach and height required to complete the job most efficiently and safely.

Improved Safety

Truck mounts are way safer than traditional work-at-height solutions such as ladders, scaffolding, etc. The former comes with cutting-edge safety features like stability controls, fall protection systems, and emergency descent mechanisms that ensure operator safety. With a truck mount, operators can be elevated safely to their work areas without the risk of injuries or accidents that are commonly associated with working at height. 

Space for More

Truck mounts can be incredibly beneficial for elevated tasks that need more than one operator on the platform. They also make a great choice when the intended job involves the use of several tools that need to be carried to the platform along with the operator(s). The availability of more space and a high level of stability allows workers to carry on with their jobs for more extended periods.


Investing in a truck mount provides businesses with long-term cost benefits. The versatility offered by truck-mounted platforms results in improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and lower labour costs, which eventually lead to high ROI. For more savings, you can look for a truck-mounted cherry picker for sale or consider renting one.

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