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The Benefits of Hiring a Cherry Picker on a Contract Basis

The Benefits of Hiring a Cherry Picker on a Contract Basis

Considering how fast technology changes, hiring a cherry picker on a contract basis makes more sense than purchasing new equipment outright for most businesses. It is possible that before you make the payment for a new cherry picker for your elevated project, smaller models with improved features, like better reach and more power, may already be on the market. Cherry picker hire on a contract basis comes with several benefits, such as –

Access to Specialised Equipment

Rentals on a contract basis provide access to an extensive range of cherry picker types and models with different reach capabilities, heights, terrain options, and other features. You can choose the most appropriate equipment for your elevated project without signing up for the long-term commitment of ownership.

Lower Upfront Costs 

Whether you need a cherry picker van, trailer, or some other MEWP, hiring is the most cost-effective solution for your 'work at height' requirements. By opting for MEWP hire on a contract basis, you can save on the upfront costs along with other associated costs, including ongoing repair and maintenance and compliance with health & safety legislation (example: LOLER and PUWER)

Reduced Ownership Responsibilities 

Purchasing a cherry picker comes with many ownership responsibilities, such as taking care of the equipment's maintenance needs to ensure it remains safe and legally compliant. However, when you opt for cherry picker rental, the hiring company takes all inspection checks and maintenance services. Hence, the equipment you receive is fully functional, safe, and legally compliant. 

Flexible Rental Duration

Cherry Picker rental contracts offer flexible rental periods tailored to suit your project's duration. Hence, you can access the machine you need for your desired duration. This helps avoid the unnecessary expense of hiring it for an extended duration or the inconvenience of having to return it prematurely.

Fast Delivery

Contract-based cherry picker rentals provide quick access to the equipment, decreasing lead times and allowing you to commence your project as promptly as possible. Most hiring companies nowadays offer their customers to open an account with them to place their orders online and have any machine they want delivered to their doorstep. A reliable rental company understands the importance of fast delivery and offers quick turnaround times to keep your project moving. 

Choose AFI Rentals For Your Short-Term And Long-Term Cherry Picker Hire Needs!

Have you been searching for a cherry picker hire near me? If so, you are at the right place! We are one of the UK's most trusted powered access hire specialists with over 20 years of experience serving businesses 'work at height' requirements across various industries. Our versatile range of cherry pickers provides a reliable solution for short- and long-term projects requiring working at elevated heights. We offer 7-day hire, weekend hire, long-term hire, and AF20 (which allows businesses to hire any machine for 20 days or longer). We also offer some additional hire services, including –

  • Site Surveys
  • Traffic Management
  • Chapter 8 Compliance
  • Self-Drive Cherry Picker Hires
  • Damage Waiver
  • MEWP Check List

To learn more about our rental fleet or hire services, talk to our access equipment specialists on 01924 601 566. We would be glad to assist you with any queries you may have. 

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