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MEWP Rental with AFI: Rates and Terms – What You Need to Know

MEWP Rental with AFI: Rates and Terms – What You Need to Know

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When renting mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), understanding the MEWP rental rates and MEWP rental terms is crucial for efficient project and budget management. At AFI Rentals, we provide a comprehensive range of MEWPs tailored to meet various project requirements, ensuring safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Here's an in-depth look at the key factors influencing MEWP hire rates, AFI's standard rental terms, tenure options, and practical tips for effectively negotiating and managing your MEWP rentals.

Key Factors Influencing MEWP Hire Rates

Type of Equipment: The type and specifications of the MEWP you need will impact the renting MEWP’s cost. For instance, scissor lift rental, boom lift rental, and spider lift rentals have different functionalities and price points.

Duration of rental: The time you require the equipment will affect the rate. More extended hire periods often benefit from reduced daily rates compared to short-term lift rentals. 

Height and Reach: The maximum height and reach capacity of the platform also determine the MEWP rental rates. Higher reach equipment typically commands higher rental fees due to the increased complexity, equipment handling and safety considerations.

Delivery and Collection: Transportation costs for delivering the MEWP to your site and collecting it upon completion are factored into the rental rate. Proximity to AFI's depots can influence these charges.

Additional Accessories: Any additional accessories or safety equipment required, such as harnesses or lighting, can add to the overall rental cost.

AFI's Standard Rental Terms

AFI Rentals prides itself on transparent and straightforward rental terms, ensuring customers understand their obligations and rights clearly. Here are some key points from AFI's standard MEWP rental terms:

Rental Period: The rental period starts when the equipment leaves the depot and lasts until the customer offhires the machine. Any extensions should be communicated promptly to avoid penalties. 

Maintenance and Repairs: AFI is responsible for regularly maintaining the MEWPs. However, any damage caused by negligence or misuse by the hirer will incur additional charges. 

Insurance: The hirer is responsible for ensuring the MEWP is covered by adequate insurance for the rental period. AFI can assist with it’s AFI AllRisk and Damage waiver indemity schemes, details of which can be found on the following link (

Payment Terms: Payment terms are outlined in the rental agreement or set in your AFI Online Account. Prompt payment is essential to avoid late fees and ensure continued service.

Tenure Options

AFI offers flexible tenure options to suit different project timelines:

Short-Term MEWP Rentals: These are ideal for projects with a defined and short duration. They provide flexibility but may come at a higher daily rate.

Medium-Term MEWP Rentals: Our AF20 rate will potentially save you money when you hire from us for 20 days or longer compared with the standard weekly tariff. It combines the flexibility of our standard rate with the consistency of our bespoke contract hires. Read more on AF20 Hire Rates.

Long-Term MEWP Rentals: Whilst for Long-term rentals, we offer contractual long-term hire agreements where you are committed for a defined period.

Major project agreements: For clients with frequent MEWP needs, we can create bespoke packages, which can be a cost-effective solution, offering the use of the equipment over an agreed period with predetermined terms.

Practical Tips for Negotiating and Managing MEWP Rentals

Assess Your Needs Accurately: Clearly define the project requirements, including the type of work, height, and reach needed. This will help you select the most appropriate MEWP and avoid unnecessary costs.

Plan Ahead: Early planning and booking can help secure better rates and availability, especially during peak times.

Understand the Terms: Read and understand the rental agreement thoroughly. Don't hesitate to ask questions about any unclear clauses. Here are some general questions which our customers may ask, please find a link to our MEWP Rental FAQs section

Regular Communication: Maintain open communication with AFI regarding project progress and any potential changes in the rental period. This helps manage extensions smoothly and avoid last-minute issues and off-hire disputes.

Maintenance Checks: Perform regular checks on the equipment during the MEWP rental period. Report any issues immediately to AFI to ensure prompt repairs and avoid downtime. You can refer to our Common Faults and Quick-Fix Checklist. Usually, most of the time, knowing about minor faults may save time and reduce downtime. If the fault still persists, you may report a breakdown by either scanning the QR code on the machine or signing in to the AFI Customer Portal and reporting a breakdown.

By understanding these factors and utilising our flexible rental terms, you can optimise your MEWP rental experience, ensuring your project's safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

For more detailed information and to explore our range of MEWPs, visit AFI Rentals.

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