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3 Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Articulating Boom Lift

3 Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Articulating Boom Lift

Also known as knuckle booms, articulating boom lifts are aerial platforms for accessing hard-to-reach locations at elevated heights. Most models feature a 360-degree base turntable to swivel in any direction. However, their most notable feature is their joint arm and segmented boom sections that enable them to reach over or around places, like ceiling joists, warehouse shelves, roofs, etc. This allows them to bend past obstacles, over walls and around corners, providing workers access to areas which would otherwise be impossible to reach. As articulating boom lifts are a significant investment, it is important to consider a few things before opting for boom lift hire

Type of Application 

As articulating boom lifts come in various models, each designed to carry a specified load/weight and reach a certain height, it is important to understand the particular requirements of your job to make the right choice. If you work indoors to reach tight spaces or hard-to-access spots, look for an articulating boom lift with compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability. A lift with the right size and manoeuvrability will ensure you can easily navigate tight spaces while maintaining safety and stability. Additionally, it would help if you considered some key questions, like -

  • How far out do you need the lift’s arm to extend? 
  • What is the maximum height that you’ll be working at?
  • Do you need a platform large enough to accommodate multiple operators and tools?

Worksite Conditions

Your worksite conditions play a vital role in your lift selection. While assessing your worksite needs, consider the following questions -

  • Are there any overhead obstructions, such as power cables, steelwork, or trees?
  • How much room is there to set up the equipment?
  • Are there any narrow doorways or small paths on the site?
  • Will you be working outdoors over rugged terrain or in an indoor setting?

A risk assessment of the job site before making the final choice is also a good idea.

Rental Duration

Ensure the duration for which you want to opt for articulating boom lift rental. However, sometimes elevated projects can be unpredictable and take longer than expected. If you do not know precisely how long you’ll need the lift, ask your hiring company if they are flexible with the equipment’s return date. The last thing you would want to happen is to be unable to complete the project as per the schedule because you had to return the hired machine. If the rental company does not offer any flexibility with the return date, you can hire the machine for a slightly more extended period. Although it may cost you a little extra, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you will not be left without the lift in the middle of the project, even if there are unexpected delays. 

Need To Rent An Articulating Boom Lift? 

As articulating booms are expensive to purchase, hiring or renting is the best choice for most jobs. At AFI Rentals, we offer an impressive articulating and telescopic boom lift selection to meet different ‘work at height’ requirements of businesses. Our articulating boom lifts are available in sizes ranging from 11m to 43.15m. So, rest assured that you will find the perfect machine to suit your needs with us. We also offer top-quality scissor lifts, telehandlers, underbridge units, truck mounts, spider boom lifts, and many other access machines to make working at elevated heights easier and safer across varied industries. Call us on 01924 601 566 to find out more!

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