• Super-Set Service Level Pledge


    AFI will undertake to deliver any Super-Set machine under "Available" status within 48hrs (or 72hrs if the machine requires a 48hr movement order), providing the delivery site is within 50 miles radius of the nearest AFI depot.

    For all AF20 hires (i.e. min. 20 day hire period) AFI will offer free familiarisation session on site with your operator(s), thereby potentially reducing downtime and improving productivity.

    All Super-Set machines are to be collected within 24hrs of off hire, subject to AFI's 3 working days' off-hire policy

  • 3 working days' off-hire policy

    Due to their size and weight many of the machines in our Super-Set range have to be transported on a specialist vehicle requiring a 48-hour movement order to comply with STGO regulations. Added to the time taken to arrange a movement order it is at least 3 days before equipment can be collected from site from the date of off hire. This can create space issues on site due to the size of the equipment and it will help improve availability for our customers.

    In order to effectively and efficiently plan transport, clear customer sites in a timely manner have implemented a new off hire procedure for all Super-Set machines which will require a minimum 3 working days' notice of off-hires. Below are the parameters that have been set regarding this policy.

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  • The day the customer calls will count as the first day however please note that there is a cut off time of 3:30pm. This is because notification of off-hire after 3.30pm doesn't leave enough time to arrange and process a movement order (For example: a customer that calls on Monday before 3:30pm can off hire on the Wednesday. A call after 3.30pm on the Monday and the off-hire date will be the Thursday).

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  • This policy applies to all hires of 1 week or longer. Fixed period hires of less than 1 week, where the off-hire date is given in advance, are excluded.

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  • By notifying us 3 days in advance of the hire ending we will be able to plan transport efficiently and clear site quickly.

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  • There are no additional charges to the customer providing 3 working days' notice is given.

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  • Our sole intention is to improve customer service and efficiency.

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  • Quicker collection will reduce the chances of unauthorised use. The hirer is still responsible for the machine until it’s been collected, so any damage that occurs will be charged on to them.

  • Please note - The 3 working days off hire notice this only applies to our Super-Set range of equipment that require a movement order, all other machines remain the same and can be off hired on the same day that you finish with the equipment.