• AFI Lifting Telehandler Service Level Pledge

  • Telehandler Service Level Pledge

    Our 7days Telehandler Service Level Pledge ("SLP") whereby we are committed to fulfilling orders on our complete lifting equipment fleet.


    Hires over 20+ days SLP

    Hiring our machines for a minimum of 20 days might save you money compared with hiring on weekly basis. If you hire any of the below machines for 20+ days, we can offer next-day delivery.


    Machines covered within Telehandler Service Level Pledge

    Telehandlers 6m, 7m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 13m, 14m & 17m need a minimum of one week notice (7 Days).

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  • Region Analysis Availability
    Telehandler TH040 On Application
    Telehandler TH060 7 Days
    Telehandler TH070 7 Days
    Telehandler TH090 7 Days
    Telehandler TH100 7 Days
    Telehandler TH120 7 Days
    Telehandler TH130 7 Days
    Telehandler TH140 7 Days
    Telehandler TH170 7 Days
    Telehandler TH180 On Application
  • Off-hire Service Level Pledge

    AFI is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction - as such, when you off-hire online or through the AFI App, your off-hire date will be automatically accepted, and we will collect the machine!


    1. ·       The equipment must be left in a safe and secure place and be accessible for collection

    2. ·       AFI-Lifting reserves the right to inspect the machine for damage before final confirmation of the off-hire

    3. ·       CPA terms and conditions apply