• Practical Extras

  • Barrier wax

    Barrier wax can be applied to safeguard machines against paint damage.

    The machine can be covered in a barrier wax film to protect against light overspray.

    Protecting your machine with a protective wax prior to delivery can save you costly overspray charges.

    Under normal conditions the coat lasts for up to two weeks.

  • Onboard Power to Platform


    Many diesel MEWPs come with an onboard generator, removing the risk of trailing cables being scattered across the work floor or hanging from the platform, and the need to hire a separate generator.

    The generator can be switched on or isolated on the control panel in the basket as required.


    An inverter converts DC power to AC Power: This allows a permanent flow of 110v power through a plug located in the basket allowing the operator a constant stream of power without the trailing cables.

    The power source is active at all time.


    Chalwyn Valves / Shut Off Valves

    The valve is designed to safely detect and shut down the engine in the event of external hazardous fumes, vapours or gases being drawn into the engine through the airflow intake.

    These devices are normally mandatory for any diesel powered machine working in petrochemical environments