• Safety in Wander Leading

    Welcome to our comprehensive training module on Wander Leading Safety, proudly presented by AFI Rentals. As experts in access platform hire, we are dedicated to promoting safety and competence among all users of mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). This video series is specifically designed to guide operators through critical safety practices while using MEWPs, with a focus on the effective technique of wander leading.

  • Introduction: Mastering Safety in Wander Leading

    This module emphasizes the PACE method to safeguard operators during wander leading tasks. PACE — Preparation, Awareness, Controls, and Essential knowledge — represents the core principles necessary to navigate potential risks effectively when operating MEWPs from AFI Rentals.

  • Video Overview:

    Preparation: Before leading any MEWP, it’s vital to pre-walk your intended route. This crucial step helps identify risks such as uneven surfaces or potential obstructions, allowing for adjustments that enhance safety.

    Awareness: Constant vigilance is key when wander leading. This segment teaches how to maintain high levels of situational awareness, especially in tight spaces or when moving through doorways, ensuring that both personnel and path are clear of obstacles.

    Controls: Learn to handle the unique challenges posed by the control box orientation, which can reverse when you change sides around the MEWP. Understanding these controls can prevent mishaps and personal injury.

    Essential Knowledge: Comprehensive knowledge about your MEWP's operational protocols, emergency procedures, and suitable PPE is crucial. This foundation is necessary to minimize risks and ensure safe operation during wander leading.

    By incorporating real-world scenarios and expert commentary, this video series from AFI Rentals aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of the safest practices for operating access platforms. Each segment delves deep into the aspects of PACE, equipping you with essential skills and confidence for safely managing MEWPs in any environment.